Saturday 22 August 2015

Erotic Flash Fiction: August in Formentera

I had missed the last bus from Besó stop, the one by the swanky new eatery next to the beach. I had wasted valuable time at the entrance to the restaurant, where angry beach goers, who had not made it to the guest list, argued loudly with the door whore. I gathered they were impatient to join the parade of Ibizaesque VIP wannabes at the restaurant terrace, sipping speciality mojitos concocted by the most beautiful baristas from Brazil. Or so the reputation went. I was starving and knackered after a long day exploring the northernmost beaches of Formentera, so I was disappointed to hear the restaurant did not serve dinner. I was not looking forward to a 20 minute walk to my apartment, along a deserted road with no scenic attractions. On my birthday. But I had no choice and walked on. Only isolated taxis and police cars interrupted the quietness of the road - not counting the infrequent outbursts of bling and laughter from mopeds driven by Italian teenagers. I was still far from my apartment when the sun set all of a sudden and dusk took over. I heard music from the other side of the road. I turned my head to see the silhouette a long outdoor table delineated against the entrance to a dimly lit farm house. In front of the table stood a man and a woman. The contours of their bodies shone smoothly against the dim light, betraying complete nakedness. I stopped and retraced my steps. If found myself staring at the shiny bare buttocks of the man. He was broad shouldered and tall. I cannot remember how long I stood there before the man turned slightly towards me, revealing the profile of an over-sized erect penis. It bent slightly inward in a way that reminded me of the phallus sticking out of the bronze statue of a satyr I once saw in the Archaeological Museum in Athens. I doubt, however, that the phallus in front of me was Greek. It was most likely Roman. Italian, at  least. And his athletic owner surely looked younger than the bearded satyr. The back light glinted on the wine glass he was holding in his hand with Bacchic pride. His other arm reaching towards his female companion. I think I heard laughter. Giggles. And the music and chatter from the radio. The woman seemed to embrace the celebratory mood. But I remember her only as an elusive silhouette in a blurred lively dance. The man’s profile was better defined. And, no matter how tall he looked, his male assets still struck me as distinctly disproportionate. There was no traffic now and I was tempted to cross the road to have a closer look. Would they mind my presence?  Would they welcome me as a spectator? Were they aware of me? Alas, I did not dare. I stayed on my side of the road and continued walking back to my apartment, on my own.

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