Saturday 20 June 2015

Erotic Flash Fiction: June in a gay club in Barcelona

OK. So you are wearing shoes. And that’s all! Ha, ha. I guess you have to wear something, right?  Nice I bumped into you here. I like the fact that you have no clothes on. Apart from the socks and trainers, that is. Lovely. It is a bit quiet tonight, isn't it?  Ah, you’re not from here? Just visiting, I see. But you speak Spanish, right? Of course. Yes,  I’d say the atmosphere is a bit weird here tonight. I think it’s because of the festival. The music festival: SóNAR. Apparently everybody is there. Yeah, that’s why Barcelona is so packed this weekend. No, it’s not the typical Saturday night here. There’s an unusual vibe. But, anyway, I like the fact that you are naked. Amazing. So they let you walk around like this? I never heard of anyone getting naked in this club. I am glad they allow you though. Well, you have a pretty cock, so why the hell not letting it all hang out? Nice pubic hair too. Have you ever been to Boyberry on a Thursday? No? Me neither. Apparently they have a nude night on Thursdays. Everybody is naked that night. I should go along one of these weeks. I love your moustache, by the way. You have nice hairy buttocks too. And lovely lips. So funny that I bumped into you here in the darkroom. You smell vintage, retro. But nice. I see: it’s the wax on your moustache. It reminds me of my grandfather – when he kissed me. It's nice, I like it. You were at the dance floor earlier, weren't you? OK. So it was you, indeed… Erm… hmm… I am going to tell you a story that is going to amuse you. You see. The thing is that… I am blind. I have 5% vision in one eye and I walk with a stick.  When you see me outside later, you will see me walking with a white cane. Anyway, my friend told me you were at the dance floor. Dancing naked. He is here now at the back of the maze, fucking with someone. He's not my boyfriend; we are just friends. So he told me you were naked but I couldn't see you. And I wanted to see you. I was wondering what you looked like. So it's a nice surprise I bumped into you here.I can see what you are like now, here in the dark room. As I say, you have a lovely cock. I like your thick bush, your little bum. Your chest. Beautiful lips. Yes, that's why I was feeling your legs all the way down to your feet earlier: to see if you were wearing shoes. I am not sure I would go naked myself though. But I love the fact that you do it. I'm lifting my t-shirt for you now. Feel free to stroke my flat hairy stomach. Can I kiss you again?

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