Friday 27 June 2014

#FreedomTo? @LondonLGBTPride

#FreedomTo join the #PrideLDNParade at any point without having to be part of a pre-registered group @LondonLGBTPride #undemocratic

#FreedomTo be part of LGBT+ Pride celebrations which are not tightly controlled by the hierarchies of a Tory Government: @LondonLGBTPride

#FreedomTo celebrate “LGBT+ Pride” & NOT @LondonLGBTPride’s “Tory Pride” ruled by non-inclusive corporate capitalism & consumerism 

#FreedomTo truly be oneself with real freedom of expression & NOT being coerced by the #PrideLDNParade stewards from @LondonLGBTPride

#FreedomTo join LGBT Pride celebrations without pandering to @LondonLGBTPride’s ill-conceived & restrictive “family-friendly” constraints

#FreedomTo be free in an LGBT Pride which is truly inclusive & truly respects all life styles & individualities - unlike @LondonLGBTPride