Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you naked? 

What happened to your pants?

Do you realise you're naked?

Where did you put your clothes?

Why are you naked?

Did you come like this from the street?

Where do you keep your money/your  lighter/your cigarettes?

Did you go on the bus like that?

Are you a nudist?

You got any E to sell? 

Are you the naked poet?

Aren’t you cold?

But WHY?

Less frequently asked questions:

Are you paid to do this?

Is it legal?

Aren't you embarrassed?

Do you get many guys hitting on you?

Would you do it if you had a small cock?

Aren't you ashamed of your small dick dick?


...full frontal.

Last Saturday (2 June 2012) at alternative queer night "CockTail D'Amore" in Berlin, German punters contributed 3 new questions:

1. "Are you looking for a boyfriend?" 
2. "Are you an artist? Is this performance art?" 
3. "Are you writing a blog to document the reactions in each venue?"