Wednesday 8 July 2015

Erotic Flash Fiction: July in a London Park

It was too hot to sleep that night. I just had to get out of bed. I grabbed my keys and left the flat in search for air. As I went down the stairs, I wondered if any of my neighbours would also be awake at 3 in the morning. On a Wednesday. I opened the front door carefully. I looked left and right. When I saw there was no one outside, I came out, slipping my keys under the pair of briefs that I had rolled around my left wrist – in case an emergency forced me to put something on in a hurry. That was all I had on me. Apart from my flip-flops. I walked along the pavement, trying to avoid the CCTV camera on my left and the speed enforcement camera across the road. I crouched behind a parked car when a 43 bus drove past. Far in the distance I saw a street cleaner walking down towards me. Boldly I crossed the street and entered the park opposite my house. It was a nice sensation, walking past the trees, feeling the gentle breeze over my naked body. I stopped to take on the air. I noticed a human figure coming in my direction from the other end of the park. I retraced my steps, trying to hide among the shadows of the trees. I was hoping the person had not spotted me. It was a young man, not older than 20, wearing a baseball cap, a white t-shirt and denim shorts. He walked on absentmindedly. But as soon as he got close to me, he slowed down and stared in my direction. I froze. I was apprehensive but, to my surprise, I did not feel scared. His gaze was fixated on my genitals. He was panting. Then he looked up at my face and started to unbutton his shorts. He dropped them and flashed his chunky cock at me. His skin looked strikingly pale in the moonlight. He moved forward, getting very close to me. Before I knew it, I had a condom rolled over my erect penis. He massaged it with lubricant and turned around to offer me his backside. Stage fright made me lose some of my stiffness. ‘Push,’ he said. But, as much as I tried, I could not fully penetrate the boy. He was disappointed. He put his shorts back on in a hurry and disappeared. Without a kiss. I was left shaking. I slipped the condom off and ran towards the road. And then... as though we had previously coordinated it, a fox crossed the street at the same time as me a few meters away. A car drove past. And then another. I couldn’t care less if they had seen me or not. But, as I went up the stairs to my apartment, I wondered if any of my neighbours would also be awake at 3.30 in the morning. On a Wednesday. In a very hot July.