Thursday, 31 December 2015


Good evening. My name is Ernesto Sarezale, Erotic Award winning poet based in London (UK), and this year I am starting a new little literary  project: Erotic Flash Fiction 2015.  Each month I will be flashing at you a new installment of "erotic flash fiction".

In my favoured interpretation of this exciting modality of "short short" narrative, each piece will be less than 500 words long. Sometimes as short as 70 or 80 words. Short but sexy. 

We start in January on the upper deck of a London bus. In February we find ourselves at the Gents in a pub in Brixton. March takes us all the way to South Beach in Miami. April takes us to a different type of beach in the Miami area: Haulover Beach. May finds us in the seaside outskirts of Rome, in Lido di Ostia. In June, we find ourselves in the dark in Barcelona. July gets sweaty in the North of London. August witnesses a Dionysian scene in the Balearic Island of Formentera. September finds us in a park in Chicago on a sunny day. October and November are also hot and sweaty in a gay sauna in Central London. In December the temperature rises in a prison-themed sex club in San Francisco.

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